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Books For Kids Program

The Books For Kids Program provides needed books to children in today's difficult economic times.  This is done by directly providing books to local schools in the Los Angeles area, and by supporting other books-for-kids programs across the country and around the world.

Books presented to Notre Dame High School in 2010

The books given to a child can be a life-changing experience.  Raised amid difficulties and needs, sometimes with streets as their daily world, many children have only a dead-end in front of them.  Books placed in their hands open windows to other worlds where more things are possible.... where they can grow to have a better life.  And where they can contribute to a better level of life for the whole community.

Providing books for kids gives children those windows, and a better chance in life.  The many organizations you see here are in all parts of America, and in all parts of the world.... wherever there are children, and wherever there are people who care about those children.  They are the makers of small miracles, and you can share in that experience.

These people are at Page Ahead in Seattle, at Book 'Em in Tennessee, at First Book in Washington DC, at ADIFLOR in Paris, and Book Aid in London.

You can be one of the people creating this profound change in children's lives:

  • Make people aware this work is going on.  Put a link on your website to the Books For Kids Program -- whether you have a business site or a personal one -- to introduce people to these wonderful organizations and the heart-touching work they are doing.  Getting other people involved not only shows you care for these children, it also helps multiply the support for these hard-working community groups.

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  • The most valuable contribution you can make is your time and effort to help a local books-for-kids organization in your area.  If there isn't one yet, you are encouraged to start one.  This is best done by affiliating with a national books-for-kids group or by getting a local organization (school, Kiwanis, religious group, etc) to sponsor the effort.  But the key ingredient is you.  You are the energy which makes this happen!

  • If you are not able to contribute time, you can always donate financial support....large or small.  The only essential is that you do something to make a positive difference for the children.  Please give to the many good organizations listed on this website.

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