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Some of these organizations acquire books in one country and donate them to people in need in other countries.  In other cases, the books are acquired and donated in the same country, other than the United States.  Some of the programs in this section benefit adults as well as children.  For complete information, you can contact these organizations via their websites.


Association pour la Diffusion Internationale Francophone de Livres, Ouvrage et Revues.  This organization distributes books to Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe.  (In French)

Paris, France

Book Aid International

Provides book support for education and literacy programmes in developing countries, mainly in Africa.  Formerly the Ranfurly Library Service of London.

London, England

Books For All

Children and young people are provided with books and other media in their local languages.  Serves Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Munich, Germany


Canadian Organization for Development through Education.  This non-government organization supports education and literacy work in the Third World.

Ottawa, Canada

Room To Read

Helps children in developing countries by building libraries, filling them with books, and related programs.

San Francisco, USA


New books for children and adolescents from publishers' overstock is distributed to Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Haiti, Lebanon and Egypt.

Paris, France

Get in touch with one of these organizations today, and enjoy the good feeling of bringing happiness into a child's life!

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